Updated: Apr 6, 2020

As I am driving in my car

I look out the window and see tall trees

And green grass

Children laughing and crying

Tall buildings as high as my eyes can see

Businesses thriving


And I wonder to myself

How many of my brothers and sisters

Bodies are used to fertilize that ground that grow so effortlessly

How many of their stories are left

Untold so you can make those somber songs for whites to dance too

How many of their histories were jacked to fill the museums you worship and the tattoos you wear

Never knowing the true meaning

How many of their necks were slit

And blood were drained

Just to build

The American dream

But how many Americans really dream

From the 9 to 5 that end up lasting 9 to 9

To the food that just give you a heart a attack from the smell

Having babies that are used for target practice

How many Americans really dream ?

How many of their chocolate brown skins get to close their eyes

And open them again ?

Have the luxury of seeing themselves painted painted in lights!

I wonder how many of my lost ones get to have their stories told.

as I drive around America I wonder how many peoples live were lost for whites to have a place they can steal no I mean call home

Black man you are gold