American dream tax

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

What is the American dream Tax?

Becoming an American means I have to give up my history.

Your hero’s were my captures

Your history books never show my peoples tear,

No interviews with our dead

No direct quotes of the bodies we buried,

The lives we relocated.

The way we felt like giving up

Making statues to praise men who aided in our demise.

Let’s spit real history

In parts of Africa mahatma Gandhi is considered an enslaver, racist, and someone who helped in the demise of Africans in south Africa.

But I am asked to unlearn what I know to fit your narrative.

To call him a hero when my history books told differently .

What is your American dream tax?

What is the conversion rate?

What happens to the years of lies !

Do we forget ?

Do we erase ?


Describe !


All lies !

We all lie!

But why?