Updated: Apr 6, 2020

My Box

Here we have an empty box , lined with the layers of my horrid soul.

Let's start packing

Fragile items first . My heart made of glass , my tears of the past . In the box you go . It's time for new beginnings so it's time to pack and go .

Now big items ,

My pain stripped past ,

The fuck you's and I hate you that came and passed . The lies told to hold back my growth . The weapons fashioned by persecutors . The labels that stuck to me for years . Heavy burdens , forgotten sorrows , no lies just hurt .

Now we're almost done. My self esteem comes last the most damaged goods take the longest to pack , I had a 90 day warranty no room for pity parties .

Dead eyes and a blinding smile .

Lights off

I got dressed this way for so long

Wore fake smiles to match my fake life

I wanted to fit in

But I can't

How could I

I stand out no matter where I go

Carry my baggage with me but never by myself

I buried it far away

Put my hopes on top of it

Lights on

Now I can see

I released the anger now I'm free

I needed to let it out

Let my screams out

Now I can smile

Pick myself up and got a new dress

Never forget your crown queen

I keep it firmly placed on my head

For what is a queen without her crown

Imagine the worst feeling ever

Now picture it gone

For the lord is my Sheppard I shall not want

I am a queen

So I shall not want

He fashioned me out of Rubys and gold

I shall not beg

He gave me clothes made of his love so I shall not fear

For the lord is with me

His is my Rock and staff

Now this queen can address the world now that she turned the lights on .