Institutionalized Nigga :

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Traded for a crack pipe and a dime bag .

Bought and sold no commission because master bought that right too . I'm so sorry for you slave .

Told having the nicest things will get you the pass you need.

Taking our seeds from the ground

and throwing them in the trash called it hood

because they are niggas and they don't grow There.

But we shocked them right.!

Knocked them off their feet right

. It's nigga season line em up ,

Knocking us down like it's hunting season and it's our time to get caught .

Take my grievance Institutionalized nigga .

False sense of freedom without being free .

Told your color doesn't hold you back but that isn't real.

Even your fancy suits don't make you cool, a make believe citizen just because the chains aren't visible.

Ok you accepted Negro , because you speak the language and wear a suit looking a happy ass monkey just waiting on a clue.

listen clearly you circus clown straightening your hair and lightening your skin

doesn't make you less of the nigga you try hard not to be .

So open your ears you institutionalized nigga ,and understand the truth

you can try to hide the nigga in you

but a nigga is a nigga that the one drop rule .


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